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Our mission at Zodem Consulting is to empower businesses and individuals by providing comprehensive and customized financial solutions.

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Years of Experience

Meet Our Founder

Demi Abidogun-Benson ACA, CPA

With over 10 years experience at a leading Big 4 firm, I possess a rich background in Accounting, Reporting, Audit (both Internal & External), and Taxation tailored specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises.

My journey has taken me across borders, allowing me to accumulate a diverse range of experiences in the United Kingdom, South Eastern Europe, and Canada. This international exposure has not only enriched my professional perspective but also equipped me with a global mindset to tackle financial challenges with finesse.

Key Expertise:

  • Financial Accounting: Meticulous in financial data analysis, ensuring accuracy and compliance in reporting.
  • Reporting: Proficient in creating insightful reports that empower decision-makers.
  • Audit (Internal & External): Adept at conducting rigorous audits that uncover opportunities for improvement and risk mitigation. 
  • Business Transformation: Experienced in driving organizational change, optimizing processes, and enhancing financial performance.
  • Tax: Corporation, Personal & Tax Planning

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, I thrive on embracing innovation, adopting emerging technologies, and staying ahead of the curve. My passion for numbers is matched only by my commitment to helping businesses achieve their financial goals.

Let’s embark on a journey of financial excellence together.

Our Mission

At Zodem Consulting, our mission is crystal clear: to empower entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the financial tools, knowledge, and support they need to thrive in the business world.

We are dedicated to bridging the gap in financial services, ensuring equitable access to expert bookkeeping, accounting, and financial advice tailored to the unique needs of smaller businesses.

Our Commitment:

Exceptional Expertise

We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in bookkeeping, accounting, and financial advisory services to the table. Our team understands the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs and SMEs face.


We believe in the transformative power of financial knowledge. Our mission is to empower our clients with the insights and guidance they need to make informed financial decisions and achieve their business dreams.


We are deeply rooted in the business community. We foster connections, collaboration, and growth within our network, ensuring that entrepreneurs and SMEs have a strong support system.


We stay at the forefront of financial technology and industry trends to provide cutting-edge solutions that help our clients succeed in an ever-changing business landscape.


We celebrate diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of our work. We are committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable environment for our clients and team members alike.


We measure our success by the growth and prosperity of our clients. Our mission is to see entrepreneurs and SMEs not just survive, but thrive, contributing to the economic vibrancy of their communities and beyond.

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